Investing in Your Credit Union’s Future: Leveraging Payroll Deduction

In today’s political landscape, credit unions play a key role in advocating for policies that benefit their members. A big part of this advocacy involves financial contributions to elected officials who support credit union priorities. This is where America’s Credit Unions Political Action Committee (ACU PAC) and state-based credit union PACs come in. They work hard to ensure credit unions stay the top choice for financial services.

ACU PAC is known for its bipartisan efforts in Washington, D.C., backing candidates who truly understand and support credit union values, regardless of party affiliation. ACU collaborates with GoWest Credit Union Association and state leagues to make sure funds are used effectively.

As part of the Credit Union Movement, both members and employees of ACU-affiliated credit unions play a crucial role in supporting PAC initiatives. One easy way to contribute is through payroll deduction. By signing up, employees can automatically donate a portion of their pay to PACs, strengthening the collective voice of credit unions in politics.

The CULAC Upload and Transfer System (CUTS) program from ACU simplifies this process. CUTS is an online tool that helps credit unions and state leagues enter contributor information and transfer donations seamlessly. This reduces administrative work, allowing credit unions to focus on their main goals while enabling employees to take part in important political action.

Using payroll deduction for PAC contributions is a key part of our strategy to build the financial resources needed for effective advocacy. It ensures a steady flow of support to PACs, helping them continue to champion credit union interests.

Payroll deduction isn’t just a convenient way to support PACs – it shows our commitment to protecting the future of credit unions and the communities they serve. By working together through strategic engagement and financial support, we can strengthen the credit union movement and secure a brighter future for all.

To learn more about CUTS or to have a GoWest staff member discuss advocacy, grassroots, and political programs with your team, contact Chris Kemm at [email protected] or Jordan Beyer at [email protected].

Disclaimer: Contributions to America’s Credit Unions PAC are not tax deductible. All contributions are voluntary and will be used for political purposes. You have the right to refuse to contribute without reprisal. Guidelines contained herein are merely suggestions. You may contribute more or less than the guidelines suggest, and America’s Credit Unions will not favor nor disadvantage you by reason of the amount of your contribution or a decision not to contribute.

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