Advanced Leadership Program

Equipping Next-Gen Leaders

April to Sept. 2024 | Hybrid
Seattle, WA / Portland, OR | Denver, CO

At this time applications are no longer being accepted.

The Advanced Leadership Program is a transformational leadership course that is designed to enable your credit union’s human capital to become the organization’s most valued and leveraged asset and competitive advantage. This program equips the next generation of leaders with the tools, skills, and resources to increase their strategic impact. This intensive program is customized to deepen the bench strength and fast-track the talent readiness of tomorrow’s leaders. This program also produces a deeper understanding in each individual of their current levels of empowerment, not yet realized, and accountability for themselves, enabling them to take more effective and decisive action. 

There is not a one-size-fits-all leadership approach. This program is designed for those who are interested in raising the bar of their individual, team, or organizational efforts, whether they are an individual contributor or a leader of leaders. Participants will be armed with the skills to increase productivity and leadership effectiveness, cultivate sustainable leadership practices, effectively communicate strategic objectives, and so much more. 

As participants grow and develop as leaders throughout the program, their daily practices, new language, and effectiveness will accelerate the culture’s evolution. Others will see the tangible difference in their presence, coordination, and strategic execution capabilities. In addition, participants will develop, deliver, and receive powerful and generative feedback to track their development throughout and beyond the program to better measure and support their success. 

At this time applications are no longer being accepted. For questions, please reach out to Layna Officer.

Who Should Attend?

The Advanced Leadership Program is for experienced leaders, directors, and next-generation leaders seeking a new sense of critical self-awareness.

The Takeaway

Program participants will graduate with sustainable leadership practices, new thinking, and a clear understanding of their unique development path moving forward, as well as a network of industry peers. 

The program provides a robust learning environment for the next generation of leaders to proactively gain competencies on the following skills: 

  • Transformative Change: Learn the theory of transformative change, its purpose, and its practical application within an organization.
  • Strategic Leadership Development: Discover the importance of taking effective action in planned and unplanned change.
  • Executive Presence: Develop practices to be more open and connected by cultivating the right attitude, language, and mood.
  • Applied Executive Communication: Unlock the potential of language and listening with a unique appreciation of the complexities of communication and diverse perspectives.
  • Financial Acumen: Begin to learn about credit union specific financial concepts that inform your judgment and business decisions.
  • Social Responsibility: Explore the social responsibility of “People Helping People.”
The Advanced Leadership Program helped me realize that I have not tapped into my full potential as a leader, and that I have so much more to offer to my team, my coworkers, and especially my future self.
Erin Dillon, MidOregon CU, 2023 Attendee
The Advanced Leadership Program inspired me to challenge myself in leadership areas I'm not always comfortable with. I want to be a Tiger!
Melinda Cook, Advantis CU, 2023 Attendee
The Advanced Leadership program definitely highlighted where I may be lacking in my current leadership abilities and where I can grow and succeed to be a more effective and worthy leader.
Nicholas Tilley, Express CU, 2023 Attendee
Don't commit to The ALP unless you're prepared to become unsettled! It's one thing for a leadership program to instruct or present the how and what; it is completely another for the instructor to physically stand you and your cohorts up and help you find ways to do what they are teaching. The instruction is what makes this program!
Amanda Brau, Blue FCU, 2023 Attendee
The Advanced Leadership Program was insightful and packed with relevant and engaging content that will contribute to my development and trajectory within my organization and the credit union movement.
Kiona Bell, CU West, 2023 Attendee