Upcoming GoWest Delegation Political Events

The political season is heating up and there is no shortage of activity on the horizon. For GoWest, political events […]

Calling All Credit Unions: Share Your Impact Data and Wow Congress

GoWest is preparing a detailed economic and community impact analysis for the 119th Congress and 2025 legislative sessions. Next month, you will receive the survey resources to help your credit union participate.

House Appropriations Committee Passes Funding Minus SAFE Banking Language

In a vote Thursday night, the House Appropriations Committee approved a $23.6 billion measure to establish funding for the Fiscal Year 2025 Treasury Department and several independent federal agencies.

Elect CU Champions. Contribute $30 by the 30th

Your PAC contributions are an investment in the CU Movement’s future.

Summer Sun Shines on Federal CU Advocacy

Ahead of the fall elections, it’s a great time to invite elected officials and candidates to your credit union to share how you are serving their communities.

Spring Hike the Hill Attendees Drive Home Regulatory Priorities

Last week, credit union advocates from across the GoWest region were in our Nation’s Capital for the Spring Hike the Hill.

Investing in Your Credit Union’s Future: Leveraging Payroll Deduction

Your contributions help to elect credit union champions.

HFSC Markup Outlines Pushback on FI Regulation in Wake of SCOTUS Decision 

On Thursday morning, the U.S. Supreme Court (SCOTUS) ruled to uphold the funding mechanism of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau […]

HHS & DEA Work to Reschedule Marijuana. What Does That Mean for CUs?

GoWest researched the latest developments and consulted our legal team and other experts to determine how the rescheduling of marijuana impacts credit unions.

Political Events Calendar Filling Up – Get Involved

Political events are an essential component of the GoWest advocacy strategy. Your participation is key to their success. With numerous critical races in play in this election cycle, it’s important to keep that momentum into 2024!  

GoWest Congressional Leaders Rollout Data Privacy Package

Senator Cantwell and Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers announced bipartisan, bicameral legislation that appears to address many of credit unions’ asks.

Picture of US Capitol with flag

Congress Pushes Back on Regulators and Legal Settlement Impact on Interchange

GoWest’s Ryan Fitzgerald details a series of wins that will help credit unions build momentum against misguided legislation and regulatory overreach.


GoWest Files Comment Letter on CFPB Rule to Minimize Overdraft Fees

The letter reflects the input of GoWest member credit unions gathered during state GAC meetings and through other forms of outreach.

picture of national credit union administration office

Pushing Back on NCUA Call Report Change

GoWest and member credit unions are letting NCUA know, in no uncertain terms, that this action is potentially harmful to CUs and their members.

Newest NCUA Board Member Otsuka Meets With GoWest Credit Unions

It was the first opportunity for Otsuka and GoWest credit unions to discuss key issues and opens the door for further discussions about key priorities.

Busy Day on Capitol Hill Caps off Exceptional Week in Washington   

GoWest advocates were everywhere on Capitol Hill Wednesday as they sat down with legislators and key staff to talk about […]

Real-Time GAC Updates: What Wyden Said That Drew Thunderous Applause

The Senator reiterated a position he’s long held, that credit unions agree with.

Picture of vote buttons

GAC Real-Time Updates: Raising the Roof for CULAC

While meeting with Members of Congress this week, GAC attendees also contributed generously to CULAC.

GoWest’s Pam Leavitt Honored with Eugene Farley Award for Advocacy Leadership

Working closely with Oregon Credit Unions, Pam established an ultimate credit union advocacy model.

GAC Real-Time Updates: Staking Six GoWest State Flags at the National Governmental Affairs Conference

Credit union leaders proudly carried the state flags from Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Oregon, Washington, and Wyoming to the GAC mainstage.