Elect CU Champions. Contribute $30 by the 30th

Your PAC contributions are an investment in the CU Movement’s future.

Investing in Your Credit Union’s Future: Leveraging Payroll Deduction

Your contributions help to elect credit union champions.

🏀 PAC’em Challenge is underway: Learn more about the PAC’em Challenge! 🏀

The GoWest PAC’em Challenge is in full swing! With all six states already on board and 16 credit unions in […]

Celebrating Success at ACU GAC: A Big Shout-Out to Our CULAC Trustees!

We’re thrilled to share some fantastic news from our recent participation at the ACU Governmental Affairs Conference (GAC). Our CULAC […]

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GAC Real-Time Updates: Raising the Roof for CULAC

While meeting with Members of Congress this week, GAC attendees also contributed generously to CULAC.


Empowering Advocates for a Stronger Credit Union Movement: The Vital Role of CULAC

CULAC propels advocacy forward by helping to elect candidates who will support credit union priorities.

Important Political Fundraising Plan for Credit Union Friendly Candidates Shared

Your complete guide to fundraising that helps elect CU champions.