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Upcoming Events

Members of the GoWest Credit Union Association are invited and encouraged to participate in upcoming programming. Learn more and register today for these must-attend 2022 events.


2022 Economic Forum

The 2022 Economic Forum will once again be your go-to resource for understanding the current economic and financial landscape to keep pace with the ongoing changes in our business environment.

MAXX Convention & Trade Show

MAXX is where credit unions come together to innovate, celebrate, and impact the future of the Credit Union Movement.

GoWest Foundation

Powered by a network of credit unions, we are a foundation that is uniquely positioned to harness and deliver resources that improve the financial lives of people and communities across the region.

A new, world-class foundation website will launch in January 2023.

GoWest Solutions

We are a credit union corporation with the expertise and collaborative partnership to offer business solutions in order to help credit unions grow and better serve their members.

6 States Represented

Over 16.5 Million Members

More Than 300 Credit Unions

33,000 Credit Union Employees