You asked for it, and we listened. We are debuting a new exclusive gathering – CEO Co-Lab. This will be the must-attend event for CEO-to-CEO connection and collaboration.

Exclusively made for GoWest CEOs. You’ll be called into dialogue and action in the desert as we come together for an intimate and insightful networking experience. Space is limited to ensure we build connections that foster deep and meaningful discussion.

Conversations stay with us. Taking the time to grow and problem-solve as leaders allows for distinctly different and productive conversations. We are providing a safe space to discuss your greatest challenges and needs.

Leaders never stop learning. A roundtable of your CEO peers shaped the topics to be discussed to ensure we are focused on the most relevant and urgent issues of the day. Here is a glimpse at just a few topics:

  • Liquidity management
  • Collaboration to solve community issues
  • Deposit insurance reform
  • Talent retention and remote/hybrid workforce
  • Exceeding member expectations
  • Future/alternative revenue models
  • Generative AI use cases
  • Industry/CUSO succession
  • CDFI fund updates and evolution
  • Board compensation, governance, and advisory models