Leadership Institute

Leaders are made, not born

March to Sept. 2024 | Hybrid
Phoenix, AZ | Fort Collins, CO | Seattle, WA

At this time applications are no longer being accepted.

Leaders are made, not born. By investing in your knowledge and skills, you can be a leader who inspires others. GoWest and Peregrine have partnered to present a practical and interactive leadership training program to help you learn to lead.

What Does Leadership Institute Include?

  • In three intensive 2-day workshops led by leadership experts, you’ll gain practical skills and insights, turning theory into real-world leadership prowess.
  • Four virtual seminars offer a flexible, engaging way to explore key leadership concepts, ensuring you stay connected and informed.
  • Our online courses are designed for impactful learning, allowing you to absorb and apply leadership principles at your own pace.
  • A 360-degree Leadership Assessment will provide personalized insights, helping you understand and enhance your leadership style.
  • You will take the MBTI® assessment to understand your leadership approach and team dynamics better.
  • Through targeted evaluation, you’ll assess and develop your emotional intelligence, a critical component of effective leadership.
  • Receive one-on-one virtual mentoring sessions, offering individualized guidance and feedback from experienced leaders.
  • Implement your skills through workplace activities designed to challenge and refine your leadership abilities in a real-world context.

At this time applications are no longer being accepted. For questions, please reach out to Layna Officer.

Who Should Attend?

The Leadership Institute is designed for individuals who are looking to improve their perception of leadership and increase their relationship management skills with the goal of assuming greater roles and responsibilities.

The Takeaway

Leadership development is a proven way to grow team members into leaders who improve their organizations, fulfilling their mission while operating in line with their values. Research shows that organizations do better when there is a deliberate investment in their people to improve competencies and related interpersonal skills. Participants in Leadership Institute join a cohort of supportive peers, building a network that improves their leadership effectiveness. They develop stronger workplace relationships, leading to measurable improvement in the member experience. Each graduation reveals a new group of values-based leaders, committed to organizational excellence and the success of their credit union teams and community.

“We learned to discover and communicate the ‘why,’ how to identify and diffuse roadblocks, and create ways to inspire and empower our teams in the face of change while discovering more about ourselves and our ability to contribute to the greater good, to instill hope in a future and for leadership in the credit union movement.”
Kara Kirschner, First CU, 2023 Attendee
Leadership Institute really challenged me to evaluate myself and how I can be of influence to others, good or bad. It was a very reflective experience and I look forward to applying my knowledge.
Taylor Holcomb, Blue FCU, 2023 Attendee
Re-evaluated the way of thinking, and ways to apply different styles for bettering leadership. thanks to the Leadership Institute.
Ruben Lomeli, Simplot CU, 2023 Attendee
Leadership Institute has inspired me to commit to being the best that I can be for myself and for others.
Jessica Campbell, Trona Valley FCU, 2023 Attendee