Leaders are made, not born. By investing in your knowledge and skills, you can be a leader who inspires others. GoWest and Peregrine have partnered to present a practical and interactive leadership training program to help you learn to lead. During the program, you will be immersed in leadership training with three in-person 2-day workshops, four virtual seminars, online courses, a 360-degree leadership skills assessment, an MBTI® assessment, an emotional intelligence assessment, virtual one-on-one mentoring, and workplace application activities. The workshops are taught by globally recognized leadership experts, who will bring real-world experiences to each session. You will walk away with practical tools that can be applied right away. The deadline to apply for this amazing program is Dec. 22, 2023. 

Who Should Attend?

The Leadership Institute is designed for individuals who are looking to improve their perception of leadership and increase their relationship management skills with the goal of assuming greater roles and responsibilities.

The Takeaway

Leadership development is a proven way to grow team members into leaders who improve their organizations, fulfilling their mission while operating in line with their values. Research shows that organizations do better when there is a deliberate investment in their people to improve competencies and related interpersonal skills. Participants in Leadership Institute join a cohort of supportive peers, building a network that improves their leadership effectiveness. They develop stronger workplace relationships, leading to measurable improvement in the member experience. Each graduation reveals a new group of values-based leaders, committed to organizational excellence and the success of their credit union teams and community.

This has truly been one of the best learning opportunities I have taken part in, and I will cherish the experience throughout my career. Thank you to the Association for providing this opportunity!
Tyler Richards, OnTap CU 
It’s hard to describe how much I have learned & taken away from the Association Leadership Institute. Skills & tactics that will help me for many years to come, both professionally and personally. Each workshop taught me something about myself and helped to identify opportunities for improvement.  
2022 Attendee
We learned to discover and communicate the ‘why’, how to identify and diffuse roadblocks, and create ways to inspire and empower our teams in the face of change, while discovering more about ourselves and our ability to contribute to the greater good, to instill hope in a future and for leadership in the credit union movement.
Kara Kirschner, First Credit Union