Please plan to join us to ensure your state lawmakers understand and appreciate the economic and community impact our movement is making within the state of Arizona. 

Join the effort to support our advocacy agenda both to protect and advance the operating environment for credit unions in Arizona. This is your opportunity to get involved and bring credit union team members from across your organization to share the incredible work credit unions are doing throughout the state, and most importantly share it with your elected leaders at the Capitol.

With historic turnover in the state legislatures, across the GoWest region, educating lawmakers on credit unions’ unique structure, value, and impact is critically important.

Our goal is to get hundreds of credit union professionals to gather in Phoenix to engage with your GoWest Credit Union Association team, conduct advocacy training, and hear from economic leaders. Tell your credit union story, highlight the impact credit unions are making, and share several credit union priorities with your local state legislators!  

The day will start at AC Hotel Phoenix Downtown with messages from the GoWest Association leadership, a conversation with legislative leadership, and a leading economist from ECONorthwest, who will present the Economic and Community Impact Report data. The morning session will be followed by a trip to the Arizona State Capitol, where attendees will meet with their elected officials, and watch the legislative process in action. 

Our collective advocacy priority will be to showcase the impact Arizona credit unions are making across the state, while increasing our connection and relationship with our elected leaders at the Arizona Capitol.

Note: when you register, you will be asked to provide your home address. This important step will help us ensure we have accurate district representation.

Please make sure this vital event is a priority for you and your team for the first quarter of the year!


Credit Union Days at the Capitol gave me the platform to show state lawmakers how we serve and make an astronomical impact in our local communities.
Time with your local legislators is important. Days at the Capitol give Credit Unions across the region an opportunity to really connect with legislators and express what Credit Unions can accomplish.