New Version of Warren-Cleaver Housing Legislation Not Expected to Include CRA

The GoWest federal advocacy team has learned that Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) and Rep. Emanuel Cleaver (R-MO-5) will be introducing a revamped version of the American Housing and Economic Mobility Act, without the inclusion of Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) requirements for credit unions. We brought this legislation to your attention a few weeks ago regarding the possible inclusion of CRA for credit unions and wanted to make sure you are up to date on this positive development.  

Thanks to the collective advocacy of GoWest credit unions, the advocacy teams at GoWest, and our league and national partners, we are happy to report that the pressure brought to bear from our movement persuaded key congressional leaders to push back on the inclusion of CRA for credit unions in the bill. That pressure along with our advocacy resulted in the removal of the CRA language altogether.  

Again, we will closely monitor this legislation as it rolls out and will stay close to the discussion around CRA for credit unions, where that pressure or theme is resonating from, and gaining traction. We will keep you closely informed if the landscape changes and if additional credit union advocacy is needed.  

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