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Preparing the for Possibility of a Government Shutdown

GoWest is in continuous conversation with Congress and regulatory agencies and will keep credit unions informed.

Breaking News: Senate Banking Committee to Mark Up SAFE Legislation

The Sept. 27 markup is a key step to moving the legislaiton forward.


Reminder – CUs Interested in the Green House Gas Reduction Grant – Showcase your interest by September 15th

The Green House Gas Reduction Fund has been appropriated $27 billion for grants.

Holding Advocacy Sign

GoWest Advocates Share Data Debunking the Credit Card Competition Act with Congress

We have the data Congress has been asking for.

First Republican Presidential Debate Formally Kicks Off the 2024 Election Cycle

An early look at the 2024 elections which will impact credit unions’ operating environment.

Arizona CU Leaders, GoWest, Meet With Sen. Sinema

Credit union advocates and the GoWest team welcomed the opportunity to meet with Sen. Sinema in Phoenix this week.

GoWest Spring DC Hike a Success

Last week, a group of over 20 credit union leaders and GoWest staff from across its region traveled to Washington, […]

GoWest Analysis of Debt Ceiling Legislation

President Biden has signed the debt ceiling legislation into law. GoWest provides an analysis of potential impacts to credit unions.

GoWest Shares Comprehensive Analysis of Deposit Insurance System Review

In regulatory agencies and in Congress, several deposit insurance reform options are on the table. Here’s our analysis.