Good News in Wyoming: First Hurdle Cleared in Vehicle Lien Legislation

Today the Wyoming House of Representatives voted to introduce HB 86 – Vehicle lien – amendments with a vote of 61 ayes and 1 excused (member was not on floor) easily clearing the required 2/3rds majority required for a non-budget bill during the budget session.   The bill was originally referred by Speaker Sommers to the House Corporations Committee, however, was re-referred to the House Transportation Committee at the request of Corporations Chair, a move supported by the credit unions.

Thanks to the credit union engagement there was a clear understanding of the need for the bill to be introduced and discussed further.  This is step one in the process. We anticipate it the bill will be up in committee next Tuesday. Testimony both for and against will be taken and the committee will vote to advance the bill to the full House.

As always, we will keep you posted.


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