Recent Announcements Bring Significant Changes to Colorado’s Federal Delegation

Over the past several weeks, we have observed several announcements that will bring significant changes to the makeup of the Colorado Congressional delegation at the end of this year.  

In early November, Rep. Ken Buck (R-CO-4) announced his plans to retire from Congress and not seek re-election in the upcoming 2024 election, after serving since 2015. This was not an entirely unexpected announcement, as the GoWest Advocacy Team had heard rumors about this possibility several months earlier in 2023.  

Over the Holidays, the Buck announcement continued to have ripple effects, when current 3rd District Congresswoman Lauren Boebert (R-CO) made the announcement that should not seek re-election in her current district, but would instead seek to be elected to the seat being vacated by Rep. Buck. Although not currently residing in the 4th Congressional District, Boebert would be moving into a traditionally more conservative district than her current one, but still facing a tough fight from journeyman lawmakers and Republican leaders in what currently might amount to a 7-10 person primary contest. 

This past Saturday, the remaining Republican member of the Colorado delegation, Rep. Doug Lamborn (R-CO-5), announced he would also retire following the conclusion of the 118th Congress. This announcement surprised many members of the Colorado Republican elite and potential candidates who have been jockeying to determine who will seek out and win the Republican primary in all three districts.   

With Rep. Lamborn’s announcement several Colorado leaders have already started making exploratory comments about their interest or outright announced their intention to seek the 5th District seat being vacated by the nine-term Congressman from Colorado Springs.  

With these recent announcements, here are the potential ballots for all three seats as they currently sit, although we have several months to see other announcements and adjustments with the June primary several months away. 

District 3: 

Democratic Primary  
Anna Stout (D)  Current Mayor of Grand Junction, CO 
Adam Frisch (D)  Businessman and Former Aspen City Councilman 


Republican Primary  
Russ Andrews (R)  Financial Advisor 
Ron Hanks (R)  Former State Legislator 
Jeff Hurd (R)  Attorney from Grand Junction 


District 4: 

Democratic Primary  
Karen Breslin  Attorney, Professor and Journalist 
Ike McCorkle  Retired Marine Corp Officer 
John Padora  Manufacturing Engineer & Addiction-recovery Advocate 



Republican Primary  
Mariel Bailey  Small Business Owner / Former Trump Administration Staff Member 
Rep. Lauren Boebert  Current U.S. Congresswoman from District 3 

Deborah Flora 

Conservative Talk Radio Show Host 

Ted Harvey 

Former State Senator from Highlands Ranch 

Richard Holtorf 

Current State Representative from Akron / Rancher 

Trent Leisy 

Agri-Business Owner  

Mike Lynch 

Current Minority Leader of the House / Rancher 

Jerry Sonnenberg 

Former State Senator and Current Logan County Commissioner 


District 5: 

Republican Primary – Already Announced 
Dave Williams  Current chair of the Colorado Republican Party and a former legislator 


Considering a Run After Lamborn Announcement
Eli Bremer  Former Olympian/Former U.S. Senate candidate  
Jeff Crank  Radio Host/Americans for Prosperity Regional Director  
Bob Gardner  State Senator from Colorado Springs 
Paul Lundeen  State Senate Minority Leader from  Monument  
Wayne Williams  Former Colorado Secretary of State / Former Colorado Springs City Councilman 
Stan VanderWerf  Current El Paso County Commissioner  

With Rep. Lamborn’s announcement that increases the number to nearly 40 members of the U.S. House that have announced they will not seek re-election or will resign before the end of 2024. Currently, Democrats are slightly in the lead of Republicans who have announced their retirements; however, the vast majority of the Democrats that have made their retirement announcement are running for higher office, like the U.S. Senate or Governor of their State. In the Republican arena, there are many more individuals who have made the decision to retire from Congress outright.  

As we head into a pivotal election season, the GoWest Advocacy Team will keep you closely informed about what we are hearing about movements within each of these races and our districts across all 6 states. We will spend time getting to know the front runners in each of the races to determine who our credit union supporters are, and who may not be the best advocates for our movement, as they seek election in these important positions in Government.   

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