Governor Little Kicks off the 2024 Idaho Legislative Session with his State of the State Address

Earlier this afternoon, Governor Little kicked off the 2024 legislative session with his annual State of the State address. Governor Little started off by acknowledging the incredible change that has happened over the course of his six years in office, but was also quick to  say that the “state of our state is strong, stronger than ever before.” Polling numbers indicate a majority of Idahoans agree with Governor Little.

He spoke to the great legislative successes he has had last year, and previous years, with his strong leadership to better Idaho’s education , and creating new programs such as the Idaho Launch program that incentives high school seniors to stay in Idaho for higher education institutions and career technical programs through scholarship opportunities; increase in teacher pay and incentives to keep more teachers in Idaho; and committing $2 billion over 10 years to updating Idaho’s old public school buildings around the state.

Other priorities Governor Little highlighted were:

  • $200 million in a continued effort to improve Idaho’s aging transportation infrastructure. Previously, the legislature approved a $400 million spend on this and will need more money.
  • Proposed an additional $30 million to ensure stable water supply and $6.5 million to continue the state’s response to quagga mussels.
  • Invest in new resources for Idaho State Police to help fight against fentanyl and human trafficking.
  • Increase the number of available doctors in Idaho.
  • Continue Idaho’s strong conservatism by continuing to balance the state budget, cut regulation (where necessary), and decrease taxes and give the money back to Idahoans.


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