30+ Breakout Sessions You Won’t Want to Miss at MAXX 2022

The 2022 MAXX Convention is the biggest credit union event of its kind in the region, and it’s less than 60 days away! The convention boasts carefully curated programming led by top industry experts, and a main stage speaker lineup that is sure to delight, inspire, and reignite your passion for the Movement.

Did you know there are more than 30 breakout sessions for you to choose from over the course of MAXX?

These sessions cover everything from the latest changes in the regulatory and legal environment to leadership development, community engagement, and cryptocurrency — this is just a taste of the relevant topics tailored for you.

Here are a few breakout sessions you can look forward to:

  • Discover the Top 5 Missing Leadership Skills CEOs & Boards are Begging for Today
    Credit unions are becoming more complex and require new skills in our senior leaders. This session contains tools to help you lead more effectively as a strategic leader, capable of growing and empowering new leaders, elevating your emotional intelligence, and understanding the critical advancement of crucial communication skills. Connie Miller will provide great insight for board members on how to support their CEOs, while also empowering them to build successors in leadership positions for the next generation of credit union CEOs. Connie will also discuss finding courage, stomping out drama, building critical thinking skills, and building your personal brand as a respected leader.
    Speaker: Connie Miller, CEO, Credible Advantage
  • DEI as a Business Strategy
    Every organization strives to have a healthy and respectful workplace. Not only does DEI increase employee engagement, but research shows that having diversity in organization and in leadership also correlates with profitability and performance. Infusing DEI into your strategy makes good “cents.
    Speaker: Tracy Jackson, CEO, HR E-Z
  • Blockchain Explained
    Blockchain, the technology behind cryptocurrency, is a complex topic, but its fundamental goal is to record and share information more efficiently and securely. In this session, credit unions will learn the basics of how blockchain works and how it functions as a platform for building applications. Blockchain has the potential to transform many systems of accounting and data management across the industry.
    Speaker: Lamont Black, Associate Professor, DePaul University

MAXX 2022 has something for everyone, whether you’re a branch manager, C-Suite executive, or board director. View information on all the breakout sessions in the full MAXX Agenda, and register your team for MAXX today.


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