The YP Leads Program is now closed.

18 YP Leads
will receive complimentary registration to this year’s MAXX Annual Convention, taking place Oct. 2-5, in Spokane, WA. Travel and lodging costs will be the responsibility of the YP Leads’ credit unions.

The YP Leads program is an exclusive opportunity that provides a robust and dynamic environment for young professionals to connect, learn and live out their cooperative values. 

In addition to attending MAXX 2023, YP Leads will benefit from a yearlong mentorship commitment made by the assigned YP Lead Mentor. Through a process that is collaboratively designed by the mentor and mentee during MAXX, a plan, and goals for the year will be developed to help the YP Lead in their role in advancing the Credit Union Movement. 

Reach out to Lexy Strong with questions.   

We look forward to connecting and engaging with you at MAXX! 

The YP Leads program welcomes credit union professionals, generally under the age of 40, who identify as young.