Primary Election Night in Colorado

Credit Unions had an incredible night watching the results come in in Colorado’s primary elections.

Every single Credit Unions supported candidate in a competitive primary election won their race last night!!

We ran the table in our supported candidates and are so excited to get to work with the candidates as they move forward into the General Election.

Starting with our contested Congressional primaries::

In the 3rd Congressional District, credit union backed Republican Jeff Hurd won his six-way primary in strong fashion. Jeff has had extensive conversations with credit unions and we look forward to supporting him in the general election in this Republican-leaning district and continuing to build our relationship with him. Jeff will be facing a strong candidate in moderate democrat Adam Frisch, so our continued support for his candidacy will be extremely important..

In the 5th congressional district, Republican Jeff Crank won his contested primary with credit union support and will run in the general election in this relatively safe Republican seat. In our meetings with Mr. Crank, he was very appreciative of the long-term support he has received from Colorado’s credit unions, outlining several memories of his work with credit union leaders in his previous races.

In the state legislative races, credit union supported candidates who stuck with us and championed our issues in the 2024 Legislative Session were very successful, as were some new candidates who we have worked to develop relationships with.

Representative Judy Amabile (D) won her competitive Senate primary in Boulder County. Credit unions went all-out to support Judy, who has been our biggest champion in the legislature and will be an incredible friend in the State Senate, replacing term-limited Senate President Steve Fenberg.

Rep. Lindsey Daugherty at Day at the Capitol with Credit Union advocates

Credit Union backed Rep. Lindsey Daugherty (D) won her primary for the State Senate in Jefferson County to replace term limited Sen Rachel Zenzinger. Lindsey was a staunch credit union supporter in the House and we look forward to continuing our relationship with her in the State Senate.

Candidate Michale Carter at a fundraiser in January with credit union advocates

In the House, credit union backed Democrat Michael Carter won his primary in Arapahoe County to replace Rep. Mike Weissman.

Many additional credit union champions and supporters came through their primaries victoriously in both contested and uncontested races, setting up a great map for the 2024 general election. News outlets are reporting on some general themes, including that Colorado voters largely chose more moderate or mainstream candidates in last night’s primary election. Trump-backed candidates and those endorsed by the Republican party led by congressional candidate Dave Williams did not fare well. Neither did the farther left wing Democratic candidates. Candidates that supported businesses and a more collaborative approach to legislating largely won out in the 2024 primary.

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