Advance Your CU Journey Through YP Leads at MAXX 2024

There’s still time to submit your application for the YP Leads at MAXX 2024! If you are a young professional who is passionate about the Credit Union Movement and looking to elevate your career through networking, mentoring, and education opportunities, YP Leads is for you. The deadline to apply is June 14.

Eighteen YP Leads will receive complimentary registration to this year’s MAXX and receive a transformative learning experience that will enhance their skills, connect them with industry leaders, and shape their future! YP Leads attend MAXX sessions and participate in a pre-convention orientation session where they will engage with GoWest staff, share stories with one another, and hear from an inspiring keynote speaker.

In addition to attending MAXX, YP Leads benefit from a yearlong mentorship commitment made by an assigned YP Lead Mentor. Through a process that is collaboratively designed by the mentor and mentee during MAXX, a plan and goals for the year will be developed to help the YP Lead advance their role in the Credit Union Movement.

“The mentorship aspect of YP Leads is truly unique,” explained Lexy Strong, CU Communities Manager for GoWest. “This is an incredible opportunity for up-and-coming credit union leaders to grow as professionals and advocates. The mentors take this commitment very seriously and dive deep to make this a meaningful journey for everyone.”

If you’re ready to take your credit union career to the next level, submit your application for YP Leads by June 14. Click HERE to apply!

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