YCUP PDX Hosts Women of Impact Event

YCUP PDX hosted its Women of Impact event on May 16 at Clackamas Community College in Oregon, City, Ore. This event was designed for anyone eager to gain insights into leadership, innovation, and the impact of female leadership within the financial sector.

The event’s panel included leaders from some of the most forward-thinking credit union organizations in the Pacific Northwest, including:

Nearly 60 credit union professionals were in attendance and asked a range of engaging questions to the panel including: What inspired you to join or remain in the credit union industry, how do you manage a work-life balance, what steps did you take to move forward when you faced rejection, and what advice would you give to your younger self?

“As a young professional, I was presented with opportunities that took me out of my comfort zone,” said Jennifer Wagner of GoWest, who has been with credit union associations for 15 years. “By taking a leap of faith, I opened myself up to experiences and learning that changed my career path and introduced me to leaders and mentors who supported my growth and pushed me to be a leader. Now, I get to mentor and challenge young women leaders and watching them grow and succeed is one of the greatest joys of my career.”

Mentorship was a hot topic, with multiple questions asking for guidance on the subject. “Mentors offer advice,” explained Li Jacobsen of Embold, who came to the credit union industry from Nike just six months ago, “but sponsors are the ones who will be your advocate when you’re not in the room. Having someone there to speak on your behalf is just as important as having a mentor.”

“Find people who will tell you what you need to hear, not just people who tell you what you want to hear,” advised Ali Migaki of iQ, a 28-year credit union veteran. “You have to be vulnerable and be able to take that feedback.”

“And be clear as to what you are looking for from a mentor,” added Jacobsen.

All the panelists agreed that taking the initiative to find a mentor and sponsor is important as is communicating your needs and expectations.

Attendees were appreciative of the panelists’ candid answers about the challenges and successes they have each faced. “I’m thrilled to be part of the YCUP PDX Women of Impact event as a panelist,” said Keli Myers of Advantis, who has been in the financial industry since 1992. “My motivation stems from a deep belief in the transformative power of female leadership in the financial sector. I hope attendees leave with valuable insights on leadership, innovation, and the importance of diversity in driving positive change within credit unions.” They did!

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