Get Ready for GoWest’s Upcoming YP Events

If you’re a young professional looking to enhance your skills and gain more insight into the credit union industry, now is the time to explore GoWest’s upcoming YP opportunities!


YP Summit – June 5 & 6 @ Jump Center Downtown Boise

At YP Summit, you will have the opportunity to connect with like-minded peers and industry leaders through dedicated networking sessions, elevate your skills and knowledge through a range of workshops, and get fresh perspectives from industry experts. Embodying the spirit of collaboration and knowledge-sharing, YP Summit fosters personal and professional growth within the Credit Union Movement.

Register for the YP Summit HERE.


YP Leads – October 13-16 @ MAXX in Denver

If you’re passionate about the young professional Credit Union Movement, want to elevate your credit union network, and are Interested in becoming an inspiration to your fellow peers, then YP Leads is for you!

Eighteen YP Leads will receive complimentary registration to this year’s MAXX and receive a transformative learning experience that will elevate their skills, connect them with industry leaders, and shape their future!

YP Leads participants will also benefit from a yearlong mentorship commitment made by the assigned YP Lead Mentor. Through a process that is collaboratively designed by the mentor and mentee during MAXX, a plan and goals for the year will be developed to help the YP Lead in their role in advancing the Credit Union Movement.

Submit your application by June 7 for this exclusive program. Click HERE to apply!

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