Electronic Titling, Next Steps

To prepare for the Joint Transportation Committee meeting June 3-4 in Rock Springs, this week GoWest convened three sub-groups to review state statutes and identify any potential changes that may be needed to facilitate the state moving forward with implementing electronic titling process.  The work group have all agreed the goal is to move the entire process electronic.

Members of the coalition working group which includes the Department of Transportation, County Clerks Association, County Treasurers Association, Auto Dealers Association, Department of Transportation, Insurance industry and auto auctions participated in the discussions.

The groups reviewed Title 31 – Motor Vehicles, Title 40 – Uniform Electronic Transactions Act and Title 34.1 – Uniform Commercial Code.  The full workgroup will meet next week on May 8 to compile potential statutory changes and discuss strategy for the Joint Transportation Committee.

A summary of any identified changes will be presented to the Committee on June 3.


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