E-titling approved for interim study

On Monday the Management Council met and considered the standing committees interim study topic requests. At the request of a 13-member coalition of organizations, including GoWest Credit Union Association, along with the Wyoming Department of Transportation the Joint Transportation Committee included electronic titling as priority number three on their list of priorities. Special thanks to Representatives J.T. Larson and Cody Wylie for sponsoring the topic for Jt. Transportations consideration and Chairman Landon Brown for helping to advocate the topic to Management Council.

The Management Council approved their request along with their meeting schedule which will kick off June 3-4 in Rock Springs followed by September 3-4 in Laramie and October 24-25 in Cheyenne.

The members of the coalition will be working initially on drafting changes to statutes, including in Title 31- Vehicles, Title 34.1 – Uniform Commercial Code and Title 40 – Trade and Commerce to facilitate moving to a completely electronic titling process.

The working group will convene in early May to review changes and chart a plan forward.

Additional topics of interest to credit unions in other committees include Uniform Unclaimed Property Act, review of unemployment insurance and worker’s compensation programs, insurance code updates, auto-insurance minimum coverage limits, property/casualty insurance availability and mandatory fraud reporting, housing issues including use of Tax Increment Financing (TIF), and exploring ways to leverage opportunities to improve housing options. AI technologies, data privacy and ownership, Stable Tokens and Digital Assets are all on the standing committee’s priority lists approved by the Management Council.

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