Wyoming to convene a special session – yes or no?

Wyoming’s legislative leadership initially announced last week that they would not entertain a special session. Members of the Freedom Caucus lead by Representative John Bear, Sheridan  and Senator Cherie Steinmetz, Lingle were calling for a special session to override Gubernatorial bill and budget line item vetoes. One of the leadership’s arguments against the special session is due to the fact that the body did not stick to the schedule that was agreed to at the start of the session, which would have allowed time for overrides during the 20-day session, had they gotten the budget completed and to the Governor on time.

However as of Monday, President Ogden Driskill and Speaker Albert Sommers said they are now considering a special session. Why the change? President Driskill and Speaker Sommers had jointly issued a statement last week expressing extreme disappointment in the Governor’s veto of Senate File 54 a property tax relieve bill.  Initially they felt a special session would be futile as the override would not allow sufficient time for county assessors to implement the legislation, however they recently learned from the Department of Revenue that it could still be implemented.  As a result of that new information, they now are considering a special session.  Ballots have been distributed to members to vote on the question of convening a session.

If a special session is called it will fall under the general session rules, which means in theory any bill could be introduced. A special session would cost approximately $35,000 per day. The Management Council will meet Monday to discuss interim study topics. The special session will likely be a topic of discussion as well.


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