A Wyoming Win: Governor Signs HB 86 – Towing Notification Bill

Governor Mark Gordon signed credit union led original House Bill 86 – Vehicle lien – amendments, now Senate Enrolled Act 28.  This is the final step in the process for the bill to become law.

This bill will save Wyoming’s credit unions thousands of dollars in tow yard storage fees. Vehicles have sat in tow yards for months and in one case over a year without notice to the lienholders.

Credit unions provided examples of bills ranging from $1,000 to over $25,000 in fees.  These stories were instrumental in explaining to our legislators the importance of this legislation that requires timely notification.

The new statute requires tow yards to request a title search from the Wyoming Department of Transportation if a vehicle they towed remains on the lot for five days from date of tow. The Department has up to five days for vehicles registered in-state and up to seven days for vehicles registered in another jurisdiction, to conduct the search and get the information on any lienholders to the tow yard. Within one business day of receipt of the information, the tow yard is to notify the lienholder that they are in possession of the vehicle.

More guidance will be provided to all credit unions along with information on Wyoming’s towing dispute resolution committee that is available to address concerns with compliance. Stay tuned for more information from GoWest Credit Union Association’s compliance team.


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