Real-Time GAC Updates: What Wyden Said That Drew Thunderous Applause

On a very busy day in the U.S. Senate, Ron Wyden made time to talk with his credit union constituents who were in Washington for the America’s Credit Unions National Governmental Affairs Conference. And he got right to the point.  The long-time supporter of credit unions’ tax status reiterated his position.

“I think you all know that I feel so strongly about the credit union tax exemption. As long as I am Chair of the Senate Committee on Finance,” he said to the sound of applause drowning him out, adding as in previous years, that CUs’ tax exemption is safe.

Looking at the large crowd of advocates packed into the meeting room, Sen. Wyden recalled the early advocacy days when just a handful of Oregonians made the trek to the Beltway.

“Pretty soon,” he quipped, “we will need a basketball arena.”

True that! The credit union advocacy force is growing along with membership in not-for-profit, cooperative credit unions.

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