WY Credit union led bill moves on to third reading in House

House Bill 86 – Vehicle lien – amendments, requiring more timely notification to lienholders when a vehicle is towed and the owner is known, passed Committee of the Whole on Friday evening and passed 2nd reading this morning. The House was originally going to accelerate second reading bills on to third reading today, however, to get the remaining second and third reading bills through they decided to hold off accelerating third reading.

Senate File 105 – Wyoming Second Amendment Financial Privacy Act is on the exact same tract on the senate side passing Committee of the Whole Friday, with the amendments we negotiated with the Shooting Sports Foundation passing without issue. The bill passed second reading this morning.

The bills should be (unless any further rules are suspended) on third reading tomorrow. It is likely to go on a consent calendar, which consists of non-controversial bills that do not have amendments. If the bill passes third reading tomorrow it will go to the Senate for the same process.

Special thanks to Majority Floor Leader Chip Neiman and Representative Landon Brown for ensuring the bill came up and was heard on Committee of the Whole Friday evening before the deadline.

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