Following up on a Great Day at Colorado Credit Union Day at the Captiol

It would be hard to define the “high point” of Thursday’s Colorado Credit Union Day at the Capitol — because there were so many. More than 170 advocates from across the state, joined the GoWest team fanning out across the capitol building, meeting with House Members and Senators outside cambers, at a morning reception, and in legislative offices. Before the day was over, advocates had met with over 90% of the legislators or with their key staff.

In addition to sharing specific examples of how their credit unions were serving people and small businesses in the legislators’ communities, advocates talked about how credit unions’ unique structure as not-for-profit financial cooperatives, holds them accountable to the people and communities they serve. In addition, they asked for support of the “Sunset” legislation brought forth by the Department of Regulatory Agencies (DORA) seeking to modernize banking regulations, and giving banks the option to sell to credit unions. As potential buyers, credit unions could then continue serving communities selling banks no longer wanted to serve.

The credit union story was well received, according to Katie March, GoWest’s Vice President, Legislative Affairs for Colorado. As advocates talked about why 2.5 million Colorado consumers have chosen credit unions as their preferred financial partners, many legislators shared back why they love being credit union members. Throughout the meetings, advocates built on established relationships and made new breakthroughs.

Next Steps:

Advocates should follow up with legislators they met with, thanking them for their time and providing any datapoints, service examples, or other information that would advance Thursday’s conversations. If you didn’t happen to get a business card, you can find legislative contact information here. 

Thank you to all the advocates who attended, and to our credit union colleagues who remained in the branches and continued to serve members!

Photos: 1.  Advocates meet with House Speaker Julie McCluskie  2. The Colorado credit union family gathers outside the Capitol.

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