Engaging in Negotiations in Wyoming Legislature

At the request of Representative Barry Crago, credit unions have been asked to work with interested parties, including the banks and firearm advocates, on legislation preventing the use of Merchant Category Codes (MCC) to track firearm and ammunition purchases.

This became a hot button issue when in September 15, 2022 credit card companies, Visa, Mastercard and American Express announced they would adopt a new code to categorize sales at gun sales.  Immediately following the announcement 24 Attorney Generals, including Wyoming’s Attorney General, sent a letter to the card companies pointing out this action by the card companies would undermine individuals’ constitutional rights.

Last year, SF 171 – Wyoming Second Amendment Financial Privacy Act was brought into the session. Unfortunately, this legislation and many of the versions being filed across the country, subject financial institutions, including credit unions to civil action or an administrative complaint process should a card they issue track any firearms and ammunition purchases.  Credit unions do not assign, adopt, or otherwise affect the use of MCCs and should not be held responsible for their use.

Credit unions will be at the table to ensure that any legislation respects Wyoming’s citizens’ Second Amendment rights while recognizing that credit unions should not be held responsible for actions outside of their control.


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