Wyoming Advocacy goes full throttle

Credit union advocates are working diligently this week to help gain support for House bill 86 – Vehicle lien – amendments. The credit union led legislation posted this week on the legislative website. Sponsors of the legislation include Representatives Brown, Laramie County, J.T. Larson and Wylie, Sweetwater County and Senators Barlow, Campbell County, Kolb, Sweetwater County and Landen, Natrona county.

This legislation would amend existing statute to require a towing and recovery service to request a lien search from WYDOT if a vehicle, after date of tow, remains on the lot for five days. WYDOT would have 6 – 7 days to provide the towing company the lienholder information.  After receiving the information, the tow yard will notify the lienholder within one business day.

This issue was identified by Credit unions as a priority during the state issues working group process. Lack of timely notification has resulted in significant costs to Credit unions and their members. Over the past several months and accelerated this week credit unions have been reaching out to legislators requesting their support of the bill. Background on the issue is provided in the Credit union issue paper.  Several months of collaboration and communicating with affected parties culminated in HB 86.

Introduction of a non-budget bill in a budget session requires a 2/3rds majority, so continued outreach to legislators is vital this last week leading up to the legislative session which will convene on Monday February 12. Credit unions advocates will be at the capitol on February 13 and will continue to stress the importance of HB 83.

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