The Missing Link in Strategic Execution: Developing Mid-Level Leaders

Effective mid-level leadership development plays a crucial role in driving the successful execution of an organization’s strategic priorities. In the dynamic landscape of today’s business environment, mid-level talent must be equipped to navigate and respond to evolving challenges.

Merely relying on top-down communication of organizational priorities falls short in keeping pace with the continuous shifts in the market. Instead, a culture grounded in learning, empowerment, and intentional practice should emanate throughout the organization, serving as a solid foundation for establishing and implementing relevant strategies. Holistic leadership development that addresses the entire individual is essential in transforming leadership potential into sustainable, responsive performance.

Neglecting comprehensive leadership development poses the risk of undermining an organization’s greatest asset – its people. The strategic advantage lies in fostering mid-level talent to become the champions and protagonists of change, ensuring long-term success and adaptability in a competitive landscape.

Read more here on DDJ Myers’ white paper that outlines the significance of GoWest’s Advanced Leadership Program and developing mid-level talent.

Hear from past participants of the program:

“The Advanced Leadership Program helped me realize that I have not tapped into my full potential as a leader, and that I have so much more to offer to my team, my coworkers, and especially my future self.”
–Erin Dillon, MidOregon CU

“The Advanced Leadership Program inspired me to challenge myself in
leadership area’s that I’m not always comfortable with. I want to be a Tiger!”
–Melinda Cook, Advantis CU

“The Advanced Leadership program definitely highlighted where I may be
lacking in my current leadership abilities, and where I can grow and succeed
to be an more effective and worthy leader.”
– Nicholas Tilley, Express CU

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