Colorado Credit Union Hosts Bite of Reality Events

Colorado Credit Union, based in Littleton, Colorado, showcased its commitment to teaching financial literacy recently with two in-person events hosted at local high schools.

Students in Jefferson County experienced what it is like to make the financial decisions that adults make every day. More than 100 students at Columbine High School and Dakota Ridge High School took part in Bite of Reality financial education fairs, made possible by an in-kind grant from the GoWest Foundation.

Bite of Reality is a hands-on, app-based simulation designed for high school students, giving them insight into real-world financial situations. Hosted by Colorado Credit Union staff, the events teach students how to budget basic needs, wants, and unexpected costs.

“Bite of Reality is an exciting way to engage students in lessons on personal finance. Colorado Credit Union does a fantastic job of making the simulation not only relevant but fun and interactive,” said Columbine High School teacher Brittany Chiavini. “This is something every young person should participate in.”

Bite of Reality provides a real-world simulation experience that guides students through a day in the life of an adult’s financial responsibilities. Students are given a fictional occupation, salary, credit score, spouse and a child, student loan debt, credit card debt, and medical insurance payments. The students then visit various stations to “purchase” housing, transportation, food, clothing, and other needs. The simulation also includes a credit union station to help students with their financial needs throughout the simulation.

“Bite of Reality provides students a safe educational opportunity to practice their financial literacy skills, make mistakes, and reevaluate their financial decisions before entering the real world,” said Colorado Credit Union’s Community Impact Manager Teagan Griffith. “GoWest Foundation has allowed Colorado Credit Union to strengthen our impact in local schools and equip students with the tools to support their lifelong financial journeys.”

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