Unlocking the True Essence of Leadership

Leadership development is crucial to the success of credit unions and inspiring the next generation to rise up to new challenges. An individual’s ability to evolve skills that provide guidance, inspiration, and direction to foster a unified vision is achievable with a continued willingness to grow. Effective leadership not only drives success but also cultivates a positive and motivated environment, empowering individuals to reach their full potential.

Unlocking the true essence of leadership starts with a dynamic continuum of inherent traits, cultivated skills, and an unending journey of learning and growth for leaders at every stage. Read more on the key elements of growing aspiring leaders here.

Where does one start on their leadership journey? Investing time in oneself to develop leadership concepts will have an exponential impact on an individual’s career trajectory, interpersonal relationships, and organizational success. GoWest Leadership Institute grows an individual’s capabilities to advance others and effectively perform in their responsibilities at the credit union.

Hear from past participants of the program:

  • “This program has helped me gain confidence in being able to openly have tough conversations with my team! It has also helped me figure out what my strong and weak leadership values and attributes are and how I can properly utilize them and grow.” – Rheannon Vail, Columbine Credit Union
  • “Leadership Institute help me re-evaluate my way of thinking, and ways to apply different styles for bettering my leadership.” – Ruben Lomeli, Simplot Credit Union
  • “Leadership Institute has inspired me to commit to be the best that I can be, for myself and for others.” – Jessica Campbell, Trona Valley FCU

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