Share Your Story at GoWest’s 2024 Credit Union Days at the Capitol

Advocacy is vital for credit unions. Lawmakers need to understand the full scope of credit unions’ unique structure, the tangible value that structure inherently provides to members, and your impact — in your local community, statewide, and across the Movement.

Sharing stories about your philanthropy, the services you offer, and the many ways you serve lawmakers’ constituents can shape legislative decisions that have a lasting effect on the industry. Whether you speak to a legislator who is new to you or one you’ve met a few times before, it’s crucial to continually convey the value your credit union brings to the communities you serve. Your voice matters.

Meeting with a legislator isn’t always possible. But at GoWest’s 2024 Credit Union Day at the Capitol, you can — these state events allow you to gather with peers to receive vital updates and advocacy training, insight from state leaders, and, most importantly, interact with local legislators.

“The Credit Union Day at the Capitol event is an important piece of our overall advocacy strategy,” said GoWest’s Executive Vice President and Chief Advocacy Officer Jennifer Wagner. “Legislators need to see credit union professionals engaged in the legislative process; they need to see credit unions show up. These events are a perfect opportunity for credit union teams to see the value of advocacy and to understand and re-commit to the unique way credit unions serve their members and communities.”

Register today for this important advocacy event! Attendees also have an opportunity to attend a virtual training and Day at the Capitol walk-through meeting before the event.

  • Arizona Day at the Capitol is Jan.16, 2024. Register here
  • Colorado Day at the Capitol is Feb. 22, 2024. Register here
  • Idaho Day at the Capitol is Jan. 24, 2024. Register here
  • Oregon’s Legislative Luncheon* is Feb. 7, 2024. Register here
  • Washington Day at the Capitol is Jan. 30, 2024. Register here
  • Wyoming Day at the Capitol is Feb. 13, 2024. Register here

*Note: In 2024, Oregon’s legislature meets for a short session, so please join us for a legislative luncheon instead.

Before registering for the event, please visit the  GoWest Grassroots Advocacy Page and click “Find Officials” to identify your state’s home and work districts.

We look forward to seeing you!

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