Empowering Advocates for a Stronger Credit Union Movement: The Vital Role of CULAC

As we approach the upcoming General Election within the next 350 days, the intricate web of advocacy reveals a crucial investment that stands as a beacon of empowerment: CULAC, the Credit Union Legislative Action Council. With roots deeply embedded in the credit union movement, I’ve witnessed firsthand the transformative power that investing in CULAC brings to our profession.

A Unified Front for Impact 

CULAC operates at its core by uniting our diverse voices and harnessing our collective strength to champion legislative policies pivotal for our growth. Through solidarity, it amplifies our influence, ensuring our concerns echo in the corridors of power—free from partisan politics.

Nurturing Advocacy Initiatives 

More than a mere financial investment, CULAC serves as the lifeblood of our advocacy endeavors. It fuels campaigns, facilitates legislative outreach, and supports educational initiatives, empowering us to drive meaningful change. It grants us the platform for open and honest conversations regarding legislative initiatives that impact our communities.

Safeguarding the Credit Union Future 

Investing in CULAC is akin to sowing seeds for a flourishing credit union future. It actively shapes policies that fortify our movement, ensuring our sustainability and relevance amidst evolving landscapes. Crucially, it instills hope among our members, assuring them of continued access to essential financial tools.

Fostering Professional Growth 

Beyond advocacy, CULAC nurtures our professional growth within the credit union movement. It offers us a voice to invest in. To ensure we have a path in our personal career development. The investment in CULAC is a commitment to preserving and expanding credit unions, paving the way for our future financial stability.

Invitation to Collaborate 

All credit unions should invite the GoWest Grassroots team to attend your staff meetings. Let’s collaborate to raise awareness around CULAC and our advocacy programs. Together, we can explore the pivotal role of CULAC, amplifying its impact through collective support. Join me in this crucial conversation as we empower our teams with insights into why investing in CULAC is fundamental for our collective success.

In conclusion, investing in CULAC surpasses a mere financial commitment; it’s an investment in our collective future. It signifies a commitment to a credit union movement that not only survives but thrives, empowering communities and advocating for their financial well-being.

Let’s stand shoulder to shoulder, united in purpose, and invest in CULAC for a brighter, more resilient credit union landscape. Find more information here on how to get involved or donate in our Advocacy Toolbox

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AVP, Political Engagement

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