Discussing priorities with Fremont County Legislators

Towing notification issues, electronic titling, financial literacy, and public funds were among the topics discussed with Fremont County legislators last week.  Brian Rohrbacher, President/CEO of Atlantic City FCU and Bobbie Frank, GoWest Vice President of Legislative Affairs, Wyoming met with Representatives Lloyd Larsen and Ember Oakley and Senator Cale Case.

Taking the time to meet with legislators in between legislative sessions allows credit unions to develop deeper relationships, take a deeper dive into priority issues affecting the credit unions, and gain a better understanding of member of the legislator’s perspective on issues and challenges.

Representative Larsen has been a champion for public funds legislation for the credit unions in the past. Among his committee appointments includes the Appropriations Committee and the Select Committee on Capital Financing and Investments.

Representative Oakley was elected in 2021 and in addition to her numerous committee appointments and legislative work serves as the Assistant Fremont County Attorney. Two of her committee appointments include Judiciary and the Revenue committee.

Senator Case is one of the longest serving members of the Senate. He currently serves as Chair of the Senate Corporations Committee and serves on Senate Judiciary along with additional select committees and task forces.

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