Electronic Titling Workgroup Initiated in Wyoming

At the request of Wyoming’s credit unions, the Wyoming Department of Transportation convened an electronic titling workgroup on September 18. Stakeholders invited included credit unions, automobile dealers, insurance companies, banks and county clerks and treasurers. All parties agreed to the desire to move forward with determining the steps necessary to institute electronic titling in Wyoming.

Bobbie Frank, VP of Legislative Affairs for Wyoming’s Credit Unions conveyed the importance of Wyoming streamlining the titling process and the desire of credit unions to bring efficiencies and consistency to the process. Frank stressed the importance of moving the entire process to electronic platform versus just holding of title and release of lien as is the case in many states.  The group will meet again in October and will discuss potential statutory changes, technology options and hearing from other states who have implemented electronic titling. Separately, Frank also participated in a demo from Cario which has created a titling solution built on blockchain.


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