Wyoming’s Credit Unions Target Issues Lawmakers Care About

The not-for-profit, member and community-focused structure of credit unions in Wyoming resonates. So much so that 58% of the population have chosen not-for-profit, cooperative credit unions as their trusted financial services partners. 

That is a powerful message to fuel a conversation when your state lawmakers are back home, living and working in your communities. They’ll be engaging with their constituents, your members. And when they do, you can be there to share the rich data that makes up your Economic and Community Impact reports.

This data provides you with facts that prove the depth and effectiveness of your services, along with your commitment as community partners. You’re tackling the issues lawmakers are concerned about, like food insecurity, financial education, affordable housing, and more.

So, when you are having those conversations in your communities with legislators, tap into those data points that richly support your mission.

Access the Impact Report Resource Center for Wyoming here.

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