Connecting Big Ideas to Individual Actions – YP Summit  

Are you a young credit union professional looking to make a difference in the industry? Look no further than the YP Summit!

Taking place on June 7-8 in Cheyenne, Wyoming, this event is specifically designed for credit union professionals who self-identify as young and are looking to connect big ideas to individual actions. 

Through this event, you will have the opportunity to develop a community of peers who share your passion for the credit union space. You will also gain a greater understanding of the industry and how your role contributes to it, leaving you with practical advice on how to further your career.  

YP Summit is the young professional event of the year. It takes a focused and hands-on approach to help you further your professional journey and provides an opportunity for authentic connection amongst like-minded peers. 

“This event in particular has enabled me to build relationships with other YPs who have become wonderful mentors and resources for me, and many have become dear friends. The activities and exercises presented to the group are fun, challenging, and help push attendees out of their comfort zone and stretch their imaginations to uncover ideas that will push the credit union movement forward.  The YPs are such an integral piece of the movement as this group holds our next round of executives and CEO’s, and really are the movement’s leaders and shakers.”
Tina Wickes​, VP of Lending, Columbine FCU

The agenda for this year’s conference is packed with exciting and informative events! Here’s a preview of some of what you can expect on day one. 

You will hear leadership insights from leaders in the industry through an interactive panel discussion. Then, you’ll reflect on the industry’s challenges and opportunities in small group discussions and identify how they affect functional areas of credit unions, and they would approach them. As teams, you’ll develop short strategic plans on how credit unions should address those challenges, and the answers will be revealed through roundtable conversations or a panel.  

The day will wrap up with a networking dinner as a space for you to really connect and grow your community.  

Attending the YP Summit will provide you with a unique opportunity to develop a community of peers, gain a greater understanding of the credit union space, and leave you with practical advice on how to further your career.

Don’t miss out on this exciting event – register today! 

“The YP Summit is a fantastic opportunity to meet and engage with other young leaders. Our movement is built on the principle of people helping people, and I believe that extends to leaders helping leaders. This event is always a great chance to learn from others, enjoy some fellowship, and collaborate on behalf of credit unions.”
– Ben Metzger, VP of Strategy, Canvas Credit Union 

For questions, please reach out to Lexy Strong, credit union communities manager, at [email protected].  

Thank you to our sponsor CUNA Mutual Group.

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