MAXX 2022: Renowned Analyst, Amy Walter, Demystifies the Political Landscape

Staying at the forefront of politics gives the Credit Union Movement a competitive advantage with a compounding return on investment. To leverage this advantage fully, credit unions must continually seek insight into the quickly and ever-shifting political landscape.

That’s exactly what renowned political analyst Amy Walter will bring to the Credit Union Movement this October when she takes the main stage at MAXX 2022 in Spokane — just in time for the midterm elections.

Amy Walter — MAXX 2022 Keynote Speaker

For 25 years, Walter has built a reputation as an accurate, objective, and insightful political analyst with unparalleled access to campaign insiders and decision-makers. She is the publisher and editor-in-chief of the non-partisan online newsletter, “The Cook Political Report with Amy Walter,” where she provides analysis of the issues, trends, and events that shape the political environment.

Walter has been dubbed one of the most powerful people in politics in George magazine for her insights into the mechanics that make the political machine run. At MAXX, she’ll call upon her astute insights, wit, and range of expertise to break down the electoral process, congressional culture, and Washington political scene.

Learn more about Walter online, and register today to join her and other world-class speakers on the mainstage at the largest credit union event of its kind in the region. Stay tuned for more information about MAXX 2022 in the coming weeks!

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