2022 Washington Legislative Session Underway

The Washington State Legislature officially gaveled in today for its 60-day session that will see lawmakers attempt to tackle a number of important issues without much time to get them done.

While initial planning for the session included some in-person elements, recent increases in COVID-19 case counts have seen both the Senate and House revert to their 2021 protocols for a virtual session that is not open to the public.

For credit unions, things are off to a fast start with a public hearing on House Bill 1165 in the Consumer Protection and Business Committee coming today on day one of the session. The bill, sponsored by Rep. Cindy Ryu, D-Shoreline (pictured), and Rep. Brandon Vick, R-Felida, is the top priority for Washington credit unions during the 2022 session.

More broadly legislators are tasked with updating the state’s two-year budget and can do so with a projected $8.5 billion surplus over the next three years. Lawmakers on both sides of the aisle have also indicated a focus this year on addressing challenges with the state’s Long Term Services and Support Act, increasing housing availability, police reform, transportation infrastructure, school staffing, and much more.

Despite the restricted session your NWCUA advocacy team is engaged with key officials and will share more opportunities to engage with your leaders in the coming weeks, including the 2022 Virtual Credit Union Day at the Capitol.

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