Oregon Governor Announces More Information About Phase Two Reopening

Like Phase One, the next phase of opening the state’s economy will be implemented on a county-by-county basis.  At this point, 31 counties are eligible to apply for Phase Two.  After Brown receives recommendations from the Oregon Health Authority, she will announce counties that are approved to begin Phase Two– perhaps as early as this Friday.

Meanwhile, Multnomah County is expected to apply for Phase One  Friday with the goal to begin its first phase of opening June 12.

OHA Director Pat Allen reported that prior to the initial Phase One reopening, Oregon had the fifth lowest per capita infection rate in the country.  We are presently the fourth lowest.  OHA has concluded that so far at least, Oregon’s reopening process seems to be working.

We learned more about what expansions will be included for counties in Phase Two.  Here are some highlights:

  • Restaurants and bars will be able to stay open until midnight.
  • The requirement that workers who can work remotely should do so is relaxed to become a recommendation rather than a requirement.
  • Bowling alleys, arcades, and some recreational sports will be able to reopen/resume.
  • Swimming pools will be able to reopen.
  • Movie theaters will be able to reopen.
  • The number of people attending civic, cultural, and religious will be expanded to 50 for indoor gatherings and 100 for outdoor. Religious services can accommodate as many as 250 congregants if the facility is large enough. More details will be provided soon.

Brown also announced that the state is still working on additional guidance.  Once the guidelines have been finalized, zoos, museums, and outdoor gardens will be able to reopen.  Also, collegiate athletes should be able to resume non-contact training in June.

The new guidelines do not require customers to wear face coverings when they shop or are in indoor venues, but they are strongly recommended.  She added that she would fully support cities and counties if they choose to pass ordinances requiring face coverings within their jurisdictions.

State Epidemiologist Dr. Dean Sidlinger  indicated that Oregonians will be living under Phase Two for some time, likely through the summer.  Guidance for individuals may change as more becomes known about the virus and how it is spread. 

Guidance regarding the reopening of schools in the fall should be finished sometime next week.

All of the Phase 1 and Phase 2 guidance can be found on OHA’s COVID-19 website.  Scroll down to “OHA Guidance and Signage.”  You can also find them on the Governor’s COVID website.

Here are direct links to the current Phase Two guidances:




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