SELCO Community Credit Union Awards $77,500 in College Scholarships

SELCO Community Credit Union’s annual scholarship program received a record number of applications in 2024 after opening the program to continuing, vocational, and nontraditional students for the first time. In the end, 21 deserving students were awarded $77,500 in scholarships.

SELCO, headquartered in Springfield, Ore., awarded 20 scholarships to eligible students worth $3,500 each, an increase from $2,500 each in 2023. In addition, SELCO awarded the $7,500 Richard Metzler Opportunity Scholarship to Victor Yanez, a Lane County student who demonstrated excellence in education, leadership, or civic responsibility despite adversity or lack of opportunity. The award for the Richard Metzler Opportunity Scholarship increased 50% from the $5,000 that was awarded in 2023.

Now in its 34th year, SELCO’s scholarship program was reimagined for 2024 as part of the Oregon credit union’s new SELCO Steps Up program, which aims to create positive, innovative, and lasting change through community giving, volunteerism, and educational support.

One of the key goals for SELCO Steps Up is to evolve its programs to meet the changing needs of the community, including a shifting academic landscape. Once limited to high school seniors headed to two- or four-year colleges, the scholarship program was expanded to accept applications from vocational school students, nontraditional students returning to school, and those already attending an accredited college, university, or vocational school.

The response was immediate. SELCO received a record number of applications in 2024, doubling the total from 2023.

“This year’s applicants were as impressive as any group we’ve seen,” said Craig Carpenter, SELCO’s Senior Vice President of Lending & Business Banking. “The growth in interest this year is exciting, and the Selection Panel had a challenging time selecting the most deserving recipients. Ultimately, the increase in interest showed us that these scholarships are keeping up with students’ priorities. These students have exciting futures ahead of them, and it’s rewarding to help give them a running start.”

To qualify, applicants must be a SELCO member or the immediate family of a SELCO member. Applicants must also hold a cumulative GPA of at least 3.0 from a four-year accredited high school or have earned a GED, and plan to attend a vocational school or an accredited two- or four-year college/university.

SELCO started its scholarship program in 1991 as an important component of its mission to help members reach their financial and educational goals. In the past five years alone, SELCO has awarded nearly $300,000 through this program. Unlike many scholarships, these funds can be used for educational expenses beyond tuition.

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