Comment Letter Filed on Colorado Record Retention Proposed Rule

GoWest Credit Union Association has filed a comment letter in response to the proposed rulemaking that will impact the collections process and the GAP process related to record retention and what is required to be retained.

GoWest recognizes that Colorado credit unions, fully support the Uniform Consumer Credit Code’s (UCCC) goals of promoting transparency and consumer protection, the changes we are recommending will ensure greater clarity, enforceability, and practical implementation of the proposed changes.

To assist you in understanding the implications of the proposed rule and our recommendations, we have provided the following resources:

•       Link to the GoWest Credit Union Association Comment Letter
•       Copy of the Proposed Rule
•       Link to the notice of Public Hearing on Monday, June 3

We appreciate the credit unions who engaged in this process helping us craft comments crucial to shaping final regulations in a way that benefits both credit unions and their members.

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