How Financial Institutions Can Craft Compelling Content on Social Media

By Alessandra Pecoraro, Director, Paid Media, Vericast

Social media reigns supreme these days, which means financial institutions have with a unique opportunity to engage with their audience where they spend most of their time – online. However, many institutions are daunted by the task of creating meaningful content that not only resonates with their audience but also complies with regulatory standards. In this article, we’ll examine strategies for demystifying digital content creation, and offer actionable insights to help financial institutions navigate the complexities of social media.

Analysis of Vericast client campaigns offers valuable insights into what resonates with audiences on social media:

  • Creative featuring individuals achieve a significant boost in engagement, with click-through rates (CTR) surging by 21%
  • Campaigns incorporating outdoor elements see cost-per-click rates decrease by 17%, suggesting nature resonates well with audiences
  • Showcasing couples outperforms, garnering a 29% higher CTR compared to group imagery, emphasizing the impact of relatable, personal moments (Vericast, Client Campaign Benchmark Data, Q4 2023)

Six recommendations for scroll-stopping financial social media content

  1. Identify customer needs – Customers respond most to content that speaks to their problems. To create such content, identify their pain points and address them with informative and relevant materials.
  2. Provide valuable information – Offer educational content that explains complex financial concepts, provides actionable tips, and offers solutions to common challenges customers face.
  3. Tell stories and use real-life examples – Incorporate stories and real-life examples to make your content more engaging and memorable.
  4. Simplify complex concepts – Break down complex concepts into simple, digestible pieces of information to make your content more understandable and accessible.
  5. Leverage visuals and multimedia – Incorporate visually appealing elements like infographics, videos and images to convey information more effectively and keep the audience engaged.
  6. Use Data and Research – Support your content with data, statistics and research findings to add credibility and authority.

Five proven social media video strategies for financial institutions

Video content has become increasingly popular on social media apps like TikTok, offering an immersive and engaging experience for audiences. Here are five proven ways to capture attention and showcase your institution’s community and technological know-how through video content:

  1. Day-in-the-Life Videos: Offer a glimpse into the daily workings of your team, providing authenticity and humanizing your brand.
  2. Collaborative Unboxings: Partner with related businesses to showcase major purchases, providing a creative twist on the unboxing trend.
  3. Vlog-Style Journeys: Share the customer’s journey in a narrative format, personalizing the experience.
  4. Tutorials and Walkthroughs: Demonstrate the simplicity and benefits of your services with quick, informative guides.
  5. Partnership Highlights: Share and celebrate community involvement, enhancing your local connection.

TikTok Tips

Connecting with Gen Z, the digitally driven generation, requires a nuanced approach. This demographic craves authenticity and relatable content on their preferred platforms. TikTok has emerged as a powerful platform for engaging with younger audiences, but success on the platform requires a strategic approach.

By maintaining an intuitive presence and delivering educational content that speaks to their unique needs and interests, financial institutions can effectively engage Gen Z audiences and position themselves as trusted advisors. Here are a few tips for financial institutions looking to create content that is fresh and relevant:

Stay Trendy: Keep up with trends and secure swift compliance for relevance.

Use Hashtags Wisely: Select hashtags carefully for visibility in limited space

Opt for Short, Sharp Content: Engaging 15-second videos are key.

Collaborate with Influencers: Partner with Gen Z and Millennial finance influencers to boost reach and credibility.

Focus Your Strategy: Selective social presence is more effective than spreading thin across every platform.

A thoughtfully crafted content strategy is imperative for financial institutions looking to thrive in the digital age. By informing, engaging, and inspiring your audience through digital content, you can position your institution as an essential partner in your customers’ financial journeys. Embrace the digital shift with content that educates, resonates and fosters genuine connections.

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