GoWest Foundation Disaster Relief: Rallying Together in Times of Crisis

The GoWest six-state region sees its share of natural disasters, including wildfires, floods, and ice storms.

When the unexpected happens to our employees, members, and neighbors, credit unions step up to provide much-needed disaster relief, volunteering and donating generously to help communities in need.

Over the years, credit unions across the GoWest region have rallied time and again to volunteer, care for firefighters and emergency responders, assist displaced employees and members, provide immediate needs like food, clothing, and shelter, and work to maintain financial wellness by initiating emergency loans, quickly issuing new debit cards, or developing plans on how members will pay future loan payments.


GoWest Foundation Disaster Relief Fund

The GoWest Foundation Disaster Relief Fund is a demonstration of the cooperative spirit credit unions are known for. Donations to the fund provide support for credit unions, employees, and volunteers impacted by natural disasters across Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Oregon, Washington, and Wyoming.

“While it’s unfortunate when we see another community impacted by a natural disaster, we’re continually inspired by the immediate response from credit unions to get families and businesses back on their feet,” shared GoWest Chief Impact Officer & Foundation Executive Director Sharee Adkins. “The GoWest Foundation supports that impact through our Disaster Relief Fund.”


Individual Disaster Relief

Emergency situations often displace credit union employees, directors, and volunteers from their homes. GoWest can help with unexpected costs incurred due to displacement or damage from natural disasters. The Disaster Relief Fund provides up to $1,500 per person to cover expenses including lodging, fuel, food, and property replacement. Individuals can quickly apply online.


CU Disaster Relief

Disaster relief is also available to credit unions in the event branches or operations are affected. An application can be submitted online to assist with staff support, building damage not covered by insurance, or other items necessary to recover.

If your credit union or employees are impacted by a natural disaster, please reach out to the GoWest Foundation Team for assistance.

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