Colorado HB 1351 introduced, credit unions voice support

The Colorado credit union-supported update for Sunset Division of Banking & Board was introduced Friday as HB 1351. You can read the language here.

GoWest’s priority sponsors Reps. Judy Amabile (D-Boulder) and William Lindstedt (D-Broomfield) will lead efforts in the House. Reps. Chad Clifford, Regina English, and Sheila Lieder are co-sponsoring as well. This a strong group of supporters to shepherd this legislation through our next committee hearing and on the House floor.

Advocates across the state have begun a communication strategy voicing support as the bill makes its way through the process. Yesterday, the Grand Junction Sentinel published an op-ed by Karen Troester, President & CEO of Grand Junction FCU. You can read it here.

The op-ed is already receiving positive feedback, especially from legislators on the Western Slope. Karen’s article refutes many of the banks anti-credit union arguments and gets to the heart of the matter by truly articulating the Credit Union Difference.

We anticipate a more challenging path in the Senate due to the sponsors assigned by Senate Leadership. Senate Minority Leader, Paul Lundeen (R-Colorado Springs), will be joined by Senator Kevin Priola (D-Brighton) to lead the bill in the Senate. Neither of these two have committed to support keeping DORA’s recommendation allowing a bank to sell to a credit union in the bill. Articles like Karen’s will really help us to move the needle in convincing members of the Colorado Senate to support credit unions and vote for the recommendations made by Governor Polis’ Department of Regulatory Agencies.

Continued Call to Action Request

We continue to ask Colorado credit union advocates to rally with us in making our voices heard in support of this priority legislation, the Colorado’s Sunset Bills recommendations.

The banks are fighting hard to convince legislators to take an anti-credit union position. We need your help to fight back.

We are asking for every credit union supporter to reach out to their elected officials using this form.


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