WA Legislative Turnover Process Already Underway Ahead of 2024 Elections

Each year near the end of session state legislators not planning to return to the Capitol following the next election begin sharing their future plans, whether that be retirement or running for another office.

So far there are a handful of legislators who have either announced retirement plans or are running for another office and can’t run for two offices concurrently. Those state legislators running for other office whose term extends into 2026 will not leave the Legislature unless they win that other office. Here are a few names we already know of and expect others to be announced in the coming days or months ahead of the May filing deadline.

  • Rep. J.T. Wilcox announced this week he will not run again in 2024 after serving in the Washington State House for 14 years, some of which he served as House Minority Leader.
  • Sen. Sam Hunt will also retire from the Legislature after serving in the state Senate since 2017 and the State House of Representatives between 2001-2016.
    • Current House Rep. Jessica Bateman, D-Olympia, has announced plans to run for the Senate seat.
  • Sen. Mark Mullet’s Senate term ends this year after serving since 2013. He is currently running for governor so will no longer be in the State Senate after this year.
  • Sen. Kevin Van de Wege’s Senate term also expires this year, and he is currently running for state Lands Commissioner so will no longer be in the State Senate after this year.
    • Current House Rep. Mike Chapman will be running for the Senate seat.
  • Rep. Jacquelin Maycumber announced a run for the 5th Congressional District seat following the announcement by Congresswoman Cathy McMorris-Rodgers that she will not run for another term.
  • Rep. Spencer Hutchins announced that after only one term he will also not run for office again, leaving an open seat in the 26th LD.

More to come and we’ll have a chance to take a deeper dive into some of the lawmakers who are leaving that have been strong credit union supporters in the coming weeks and months.

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