Visit GoWest’s Government Shutdown Resource Center

As a potential government shutdown deadline looms, we prepared resources to help you navigate it. In times of uncertainty, your credit union and the entire credit union community consistently rally to support their members and the communities that they serve.

Lawmakers have until March 1 to reach a funding deal to avoid a partial government shutdown. If a funding deal is not reached, several key agencies, including the USDA, FDA, DOE, EPA, Army Corps of Engineers, VA, DOT, and HUD, could shutter later this week. Funding for other federal agencies will expire on March 8 unless a deal is reached.

In anticipation of a partial shutdown, we know that you may have  members who work for the federal government or may otherwise be impacted by a shutdown.

We encourage you to remain proactive, not only in supporting your members but also in sharing the unique programs and services you offer with both community and media partners. It’s in times like these when the credit union difference really shows up.

In the event that Congress is unable to finalize a funding deal and there is a shutdown, we have prepared a set of resources to help you support your members.. You can access those resources here: GoWest Government Shutdown Resource Center

How Credit Unions Show Up and Support Members During Times of Need:

In our Government Shutdown Resource Center, you’ll find compliance resources, a helpful FAQ document, and examples of how your peer credit union leaders serve their members.

You will discover:

  • How to create flexible policies that respond to members’ financial needs.
  • Tips to prepare for potential service interruptions, especially those affecting credit union offices located in federal buildings.
  • Examples of how GoWest credit union members will continue to show up for their members affected by the shutdown, including those receiving direct deposits from the federal government.
  • Guidance on developing contingency plans for government program participation.
  • Approaches to effectively communicate your credit union’s response plans to keep members, volunteers, and employees informed.
  • In addition to compliance and operational aspects, we recognize the importance of safety and soundness.

Credit unions are crucial in helping members facing financial difficulty during a shutdown.

Together, as a community of credit unions, we can prepare for the unexpected and continue to demonstrate our unwavering commitment to serving our members.

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