Washington Legislature enters final stretch of 2024 session

Today marks the 50th of this year’s 60-day Washington State Legislative session and while there’s little time left the next ten days will see a flurry of activity on the year’s most significant and pressing issues.

  • Senate and House budget leaders released operating budget proposals last week and are negotiating to merge them, which should be relatively straightforward since both proposals are closer than usual and neither rely on new tax revenues.
  • Transportation budget leaders also continue working together to finalize a proposal, which is a much bigger challenge given some of the major challenges with the state ferry system and approach. Of particular interest to credit unions is the work to ensure the proviso laying the groundwork and foundation for a statewide digital lien and titling program remains in the final plan.
  • House Bill 1915 making financial education a high school graduation requirement remains alive after a last-minute effort to ensure the bill was approved by the committee last week. It should move out of the Senate Rules Committee in the next few days and GoWest will continue work to move it forward.
  • Lawmakers will hold public hearings on three initiatives in joint committees on Feb. 27-28.

There’s a lot more to come in the next ten days so stay tuned for real-time updates from the Capitol.

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