Roadmap for Lien and Titling Modernization Advances in Washington

Washington credit unions have seen firsthand the need for a series of modernizations and improvements to how auto titles are handled in the state of Washington, including a desire for a fully digital system as well as a range of process improvements. While the Dept. of Licensing has been reviewing and considering changes on this topic for multiple years it has not advanced that work. Given the complexity of making those changes alongside the interconnectedness of the system across DOL, car dealers, lenders, vehicle subagents, and local counties, there is still a great deal of information that would need to be collected and analyzed in order to implement changes.

To spur action and move this work forward, GoWest has been working with legislators to advocate for funding to the transportation budget that would require the agency to conduct a comprehensive study and make recommendations to the Legislature on what and how it should be done. Without consolidating this information, it would be difficult for lawmakers to know what statutory, regulatory, and budgetary changes would need to be made, especially given the interconnectedness of the process between the Dept. of Licensing, auto dealers, lenders, local counties, and vehicle subagents.

The credit union-requested proviso was included in the Senate Transportation Budget proposal unveiled today and we will continue working with transportation leaders to ensure it is included in the final budget.

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