First Deadlines Hit Oregon Legislative Session

It’s hard to believe, but two weeks have already passed in this year’s five-week “Short” Legislative Session. With that, the first of the session deadlines has already come and gone, meaning most bills in policy committees (not Ways & Means, Revenue, or Rules) had to have been voted out of Committee Monday, February 19th to stay “alive” in the legislative process.

Things are still quite slow on the House and Senate floors, as bills are mostly unanimous out of committee. Undoubtedly, the leisurely dockets will be short-lived as we get nearer and nearer to Sine Die (or the end of session) and the contentious bills make their way out of committee! A total of 280 measures have been introduced. That’s 172 in the House and 108 in the Senate. The big session issues remain unchanged – housing and drug policy.

Two priority bills the GoWest Credit Union Association is engaged in advocacy are headed to the Ways and Means Committee.  The first, HB4131, related to funding Individual Development Accounts passed out of the House Committee on a unanimous votes and is waiting for consideration in Ways and Means on the funding level.  Another bill, SB1595, related to execution of judgment or garnishment, was also sent from a Senate Committee to the Ways and Means Committee.


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